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Coding with Sara _ Channel Introduction

Coding with Sara _ Channel Introduction

Step by Step Video

Follow videos, then you can develop exactly the same as demo applications.
PHP, JavaScript, Android, iOS... Find your favorite!

No-Lecture Style

My favorite way of learning is listening to music while studying. I know this is not for everyone, but if you're like me, it's going to be fun!
Of course, there are graphics, comments, and tips on the videos.


Welcome to Coding with Sara!

Hi, I’m Sara. I’m working as a freelance programmer in Japan.

Until 2013, I hadn’t had any coding experiences and programming knowledge.
I also didn’t have any college degree. (I still don’t have one.)

And now, I’m working as a programmer.

In this site, I'd like to share how I learn to code and how fun coding is!

Hope you enjoy coding with me 🙂

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