Welcome to Coding with Sara!

Hi, I’m Sara. I’m working as a freelance programmer in Japan.

Until 2013, I hadn’t had any coding experiences and programming knowledge.
I also didn’t have any college degree. (I still don’t have one.)

And now, I’m working as a programmer.
I’m developing websites and systems for companies and publishing over 10 mobile apps by myself.

How is it possible?

On this site, I’ll share how I became a programmer and how I got coding skills.
Even if you don’t have a college degree or coding experiences, please don’t hesitate to try it.
I’m here to help you to learn how to code and become a programmer.

Let’s start coding with me 🙂



PHP, JavaScript, Java, Objective-C
I'm still learning every day. It never ends...

I'm from Japan. 
I love dogs. One of my dreams is living with large dogs.
I love reading books, especially mysteries. My favorite authors are Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle.
I always listen to music while coding, walking, reading. My favorite artists are... can't decide!