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[Quiz Game] Java (Android Studio) Game Tutorial – #1 Introduction
[Quiz Game] Java (Android Studio) Game Tutorial – #1 Introduction Sample Code:

[Quiz Game] Java (Android Studio) Game Tutorial - #1 Introduction


Welcome to my second Android Studio Game Tutorial!

Finally, I’ve created new video series, and it’s Capital Quiz!
In this series, I’ll show you lots of new stuff that I didn’t include in Catch the Ball series.

For example:
– SQLite database
– Google Play Games (Leaderboard)
– Admob Banner Ad
– Update APK to Google Play Store


You can download free demo app from Google Play, so please download and try it before starting the course.

If you get errors or weird situations, leave a comment on YouTube or on the Discussion page (on Thinkific) to be able to share with everyone.


Hope you enjoy it!






Sample CodeDownload
Free Demo App (Google Play)



1. Introduction     >> PlayList on YouTube
2. Create New Project & activity_main.xml
3. Show Question and Choices
4. Check answer & Show Dialog
5. Result activity & Save total score
6. Start Activity
7. SQLite Database Part 1     >> Watch Full Version
8. SQlite Database Part 2
9. SQLite Database – Check data from terminal –
10. Add correct & incorrect sounds
11. Implement Admob Banner Ad
12. Icon, onBackPressed, screenOrientation
13. Generate Signed APK
14. Upload to Google Play Store
15. Score Activity
16. Get App ID & Leaderboard ID
17. Connect to Google Play Games
18. Test Play Games Connection
19. Update App in Google Play

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