The Flying Bird – Android Studio Game Tutorial –

Android Studio Game Tutorial – #1 Introduction

Android Studio Game Tutorial - #1  Introduction




Welcome to my third Android Studio Game Tutorial!

In case you haven’t checked first & second tutorials yet ↓
Catch the Ball: Here
Capital Quiz : Here


What You’ll Learn

Chapter1: Create Game View

In this chapter, we're going to develop the base functions like

– Move a bird up and down

– Draw blue and black balls

– Update score

This chapter is completely free, so definitely try it 🙂


Chapter2: Add More Features

In this chapter, we're going to add more features:

– Level Up

– Increase black balls

– Sound effects

and more!

I'm sure these functions will make your app more fun 🙂


Chapter3: Prepare for Release

Finally, we're going to upload the app to Google Play Store.

I also show you how to create app icons with Image Asset Studio.

You can easily generate icons for your app.

By the end of the course, you’ll be an Android app developer!




The Bonus Study Guide

This study guide contains lots of images, graphs, comments, etc…

This will help you to get a better understanding of the videos.


>> START THIS COURSE (& Download Sample Code & Images)

or watch on YouTube


Demo & Downloads

Here is the link to download the demo app. Please download and try it before starting the course.
Google Play Store >>


You can download sample code & images on my course site.
Sample Code & Images >>



Android Studio: 3.0.1
Emulator: Nexus 4 (Genymotion)


*If you get errors or weird situations, leave a comment on YouTube or on the Discussion page (on Thinkific) to be able to share with everyone.



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