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Catch the Ball - Android Studio Game Tutorial -
The Flying Bird – Android Studio Game Tutorial – Introduction ...


Introduction & Demo

【Quiz1】Android Studio Game Tutorial – #1 Introduction


Welcome to my second Android Studio Game Tutorial!

In this series, I’ll show you lots of new stuff that I didn’t include in Catch the Ball series.


You’ll learn:

  • SQLite database
  • Google Play Games (Leaderboard)
  • Admob Banner Ad
  • Update APK to Google Play Store


You can download free demo app from the link below. Please download and try it before starting the course!

Capital Quiz (Demo App)

Capital Quiz (Demo App)

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Start Coding & Downloads



*If you get errors or weird situations, leave a comment on YouTube or on the Discussion page (on Thinkific) to be able to share with everyone.


Course Detail


1. Introduction
2. Create New Project & activity_main.xml
3. Show Question and Choices
4. Check answer & Show Dialog
5. Result activity & Save total score
6. Start Activity


In this chapter, you’ll learn:

– Create the quiz set.
– Display question and choices.
– Check answer.
– Display results.
– Save score.

If you just want to know how quiz game works, definitely try it!


7. SQLite Database Part 1
8. SQLite Database Part 2
9. SQLite Database – Check data from terminal –
10. Add correct & incorrect sounds
11. Implement Admob Banner Ad
12. Icon, onBackPressed, screenOrientation
13. Generate Signed APK
14. Upload to Google Play Store


In chapter 2, we’re going to add more features.

SQL Database
In chapter1, we prepared only 15 quizzes. As the quiz app, these are not enough for users.
So, I’ll show you how to use SQL Database so that you can generate lots of quizzes.

Feature2: Sound Effect
The sound effect is the necessary feature for games.
Let’s add correct and wrong sounds, and keep users from getting bored! (I’ll give you downloadable files.)

Feature3: AdMob Banner Ad
After releasing the app, generating revenue is the significant part.
I created the video about the interstitial ad in catch the ball tutorial, so we’re going to implement the banner ad in this tutorial.
If you combine interstitial and banner ads, you’ll be able to make more money!



[Bonus] Google Play Games!

15. Score Activity
16. Get App ID & Leaderboard ID
17. Connect to Google Play Games
18. Test Play Games Connection
19. Update App in Google Play


This is the big bonus chapter, and we’re going to connect to Play Games Leaderboard.

When I first tried this, I had read documents and several blog posts.
I could do it, but it was complicated…

In my tutorial, I don’t want you to feel the same way!
I wrote code as simple as possible and included images that help you to understand.



By the end of the course, you’ll be an Android app developer!

See you in the course 🙂



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Catch the Ball - Android Studio Game Tutorial -
The Flying Bird – Android Studio Game Tutorial – Introduction ...


Working as a freelance programmer in Japan. I try to make coding as simple as possible. Hope you enjoy coding 🙂
  • Farhan Azam Chohan

    Hi sara ma’m ! I have seen your music player app tutorial and followed it thoroughly to achieve mine. I loved your programming and layout design. Its simple and gives an actual look and feel of a pro app. I felt exciting after following your tutorial. Your tutorial has finishing that gives a real app feel. Please keep updating your website with more android video covering topics e.g browsing for a media file so you can listen to your choice of music, playing any video, browse for an image to set as profile, capturing an image and save it. I am eagerly waiting for your videos on this. Plus also post your game tutorials too. Flying bird is superb. I am hoping if i could also learn unity3D games from you if you also develop those.