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Catch the Ball – Android Studio Game Tutorial –

[Game1] Android Studio Game Tutorial – #1 Introduction




Introduction & Demo

Welcome to my first Android Studio Game Tutorial!
I’m so glad that you get interested in this tutorial 🙂

In this tutorial, we’ll create the game app exactly like this. (You can download free demo app from Google Play.)

If you get errors or weird situations, please leave a comment on YouTube to be able to share with everyone.

Hope you enjoy!


Start Coding & Downloads




Catch the Ball

Android Studio2.1.1   (Has been tested with 3.1.2)
EmulatorGenymotion (Nexus4)


Android Studio2.3.1   (Has been tested with 3.1.2)
EmulatorGenymotion (Nexus4)



1. Introduction
2. Create a Project & Main Layout
3. FindViewById & onTouchEvent
4. Move the Box Up and Down
5. Set the Balls
6. Check Hits & Add Points
7. Result View & Save High Score
8. Start View & KeyEvent
9. Add Sound Effects
10. Optimize for Multiple Devices
11. Implement AdMob Interstitial Ad


#1 Move Images Vertically and Horizontally
#2 Add Pause Button