How To Become A Programmer Without A Degree & Experience


Hi, I’m Sara. I’m working as a freelance programmer in Japan.

Until 2013, I hadn’t had any coding experience and programming knowledge.
I also didn’t have any college degree. (I still don’t have one.)

And now, I’m working as a programmer.

On this site, I’ll share how I’ve learned to code and how fun coding is!

Even if you don’t have any college degree or coding experience, please don’t hesitate to try it.
I can do it, so can you.



What Is The Definition Of A Programmer?

I assume you reached this page because you want to be a programmer.
Then, what does a programmer mean to you?

A person who can develop websites?
A person who takes coding class at school?

I’m going to define the programmer as who makes money by coding skill.
For example, taking a corporate job, working as a freelancer, or selling an app.


Let’s aim to be this level programmer.


3 Steps To Become A Programmer

Step1: Decide Which Programming Language To Learn

First, let’s pick one Programming Language to learn.
On this site, I’m going to use PHP, JavaScript, and Java.

PHP is one of the most popular languages for developing web applications.
You can develop anything like chat, calendar, and data management tools.
As you may know, WordPress is built with PHP.
My first programming language was PHP, so I’m sure that PHP is beginner-friendly language.

JavaScript will be necessary if you want to build modern websites or web applications.
It’s also used to develop web browser games.
You can see JavaScript’s work everywhere like form validations and scroll animations.
When I develop web applications, I usually use both PHP and JavaScript.

If you want to develop Android applications, Java is for you.
Java is used for anything like web, desktop, and mobile applications.
You may feel difficult for the first time, but it’s really fun to develop mobile apps!

You may want to choose from C, C++, Python, Objective-C, Swift, Ruby…

However, DO NOT choose by popularity or salary.

The most important thing is what you want to develop.
That is the key to keep learning and enjoy coding.


Step2: Learn The Basics Of Coding

Once you’ve decided Programming Language, the next step is learning the basics of coding.

The basics mean:

  • What is variable?
  • What is if-statement?
  • What is a function?


You can learn by free or paid online courses, youtube videos, or books.
Choose whatever you feel comfortable because I couldn’t see a big difference between them.

At this point, you don’t need to remember and understand everything.
Just know how to write code and how it works.


Step3: Develop Applications & Complete Your Portfolio

This is the most important step to become a programmer.
Develop applications and Complete your portfolio.

Before I got my first freelance job, I spent about one and a half years for this step.

These were what I created:

  • My portfolio website (WordPress)
  • Contact Form (HTML, CSS, PHP)
  • Auto tweet system (PHP, Twitter API)
  • Weather & Amazon API (HTML, CSS, PHP)
  • CSV import & export system (HTML, CSS, PHP)
  • Quiz application (iOS & Android)


I took online courses, read books, and googled sample code.
Even if I couldn’t understand the meaning, I kept coding.

Then, I realized this:
The best way to learn how to code is developing applications.

In my courses, I’ll show you how to develop applications from the beginning to the end.
Even if you feel like you get lost in a maze, keep coding.
You’ll be able to see the patterns, and Aha moment will come. I promise!

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Not required a college degree doesn’t mean you can acquire skills for free.


Are You Ready?

If your answer is YES, let’s get started!


Coding with Sara _ Channel Introduction


How It Works

Follow step-by-step videos and develop the same applications.

The videos are No-Lecture Style. My favorite way of learning is listening to music while studying.
I know this is not for everyone, but if you’re like me, it’s going to be fun!

Of course, there are graphics, comments, and tips on the videos.


Find Tutorials

Online Course

I’m going to share long tutorials that you need a few hours or more to complete.

Go to Online Course



On Youtube, I’m going to share quick tutorials that you can complete within 15 minutes. It doesn’t mean easy!

Go to YouTube



Thank you so much for reading all the way through!

You’re reading this message, so it means you’re so ready to be a programmer.
I hope this website helps your coding journey.

See you on the course!

Sara 🙂