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New Pricing Option for Capital Quiz Course

[Quiz Game] Java (Android Studio) Game Tutorial – #1 Introduction


Recently, I’ve received several emails about pricing.
I’ve created my courses to be worth the price, but I understand that it’s not cheap for everyone. So, I made the Lite version.

Lite Full
Pricing $19 $39
Enrollment Duration 14 days Permanent
Bonus Content


If you’ve already purchased the course, there’s no change.
You can come back anytime and get bonus & updates.
(I’ll add new bonus videos in November 2018!)
If you change your mind and want to start the full version, please send me your name and email. Once I confirm your payment information, I’ll send you $19 off coupon code allowing you to purchase the full version.
There is no 14-days condition for claiming the coupon code. Let me know when you’re ready 🙂

Lite version
Full version

Hope you enjoy coding!